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Robbie Williams’ Finger Of Hate

by | 1st, March 2007

robbie-williams-finger-of-hate.jpgROBBIE Williams is a winner.

It is our proud duty to announce that Williams is to receive an award for his Rudebox album.

A little hand clap for some funk faces and make your body move in the following places

His one-fingered gong from music magazine NME is winging its way to the Meadows Clinic, Arizona, where the singer is playing to a small crowd formed into a circle.

You just almost feel the shudder of excitement as an orderly informs a tired, emotional and depressed Williams how awful his music is. The temptation for Williams to do something interesting with his one-finger-salute statuette will be strong.

The Mirror prints a card to salute Robbie’s triumph: “Dear Robbie, Please take as long as you like to recover, you need a good rest – Love – Every music lover on the planet.”

You see, Robbie’s award is for the worst album of 2006. And his work was in a league of its own.

Ok then check the tan line, make your body shape like you’re stood on a landmine

Williams has seen off stiff competition from Lily Allen, The Feeling, My Chemical Romance and Razorlight.

Says NMW editor Connor McNicholas: “Readers have been clamouring to elect Robbie’s Rudebox as the Worst Album. He’s not having a good time of it.”

But Williams should not be too downbeat. My Chemical Romance’s album, The Black Parade, is up for Best Album and Worst Album.

Either British pop music fans operate in very narrow alley or taste is a vague and mobile quality.

And there are always new markets to explore.

As Robbie tells us:

Viva life on Mars I’m calling
Sending my frequency to the galaxy so you can see people down here

Please buy my records…

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