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Nikki Grahame’s Guy

by | 1st, March 2007

nikki-grahames-guy.jpgBIG Brother fans will recall the screeching half-person known as Nikki Grahame.

But what has Nikkkkkkki been up to since she left the house and fell out of Big Brother winner Pete Bennett’s bed?

Well, Nikki has a new beau. He’s called Guy Mesgian. He’s a “ray of sunshine,” says OK!. He is also a part-time model and a carpenter.

But how did this romance begin? Nikkkkki says she’s known Guy for a couple of years. “Yes,” says Guy, who adds speaking to his list of attributes, “from down the gym.”

Guy accompanied Nikkkkkki to the OK! Christmas party. But nothing happened.

Guy shared a bed with Nikki. But nothing happened.

The next day Guy went to a TV recording studio with Nikkki. And they kissed.

And they are kissing each other while sat in a hanging chair.

And cuddling. They love cuddling. “We love cuddling, don’t we,” says Nikkki. “Yeah, we love a cuddle,” says Guy.

Is a cuddle a good way of controlling Nikki, of stopping her from flinging herself about the supermarket like a five-year-old spoilt brat popped up on additives and crisps?

“She needs to be shouted at sometimes,” says Guy. “There’s only so much a man can take.”

But Guy knows how to appeal to Nikkkkkki’s childishness. On Valentine’s Day he sent Nikki four big red heart-shaped balloons that said “I love you” on them. There was a bunch of roses. A chocolate heart full of chocolates.

And a teddy bear. Why Guy should send a stuffed toy to his adult lover is debatable, and finer minds that ours will debate the reasons.

Then Nikki and Guy climb into an empty bath…

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