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Tuck Box – Tormenting Fat Children

by | 2nd, March 2007

tuck-box-tormenting-fat-children.jpgANOTHER day and another fat kid is rolled out.

The Sun’s campaign to name and shame all fat children in the land is moving on as quickly as these roly-polys are able to move.

And, having caught his breath, today’s fatty is ready to speak. What’s your name and why are you fat?

The name is Daryl Box. And he is “tormented”. Little does Daryl realise that his torment has only just begun and now everyone knows he is 12 years old and weighs 20stone he will not be able to move for people shouting out his name.

And news is that Daryl “Chocolate” Box has been expelled from two schools for hitting out at other children who cruelly taunt him.

“Whale,” they cry. “Fat bastard,” they shout.

Says mum Julie: “He would think nothing of stuffing down a loaf of bread for breakfast.”

Bread Box!

“At school lunch he would always go back for seconds and thirds.”

Lunch box!

“He would then go to a kebab shop that did five chicken portions and chips for £1 – washed down with as much Coke as he could get his hands on.”

Tuck Box!

Says Daryl: “I would eat anything really. At school I would always have as much pizza, chips and beans as I could get.”

Pizza Box!

It’s is all too easy to ridicule Daryl. And we begin to wonder if this is part of the Sun’s game. It’s a more brutal form of therapy.

The aim to totally humiliate the child until he stops comfort eating, and, well, maybe stops eating at all.

And Daryl is off his Box…

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