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The NME within – Robbie Williams Hears Voices

by | 2nd, March 2007

the-nme-within-robbie-williams-hears-voices.jpgROBBIE Williams is smiling.

Williams’ is not a vapid cow-eyed smile. Williams is smiling because, as the Sun reports, he has been receiving messages of support from Sun readers.

Having won a general election, fought wars and found a way for Nikkki to tell her lover Brad that she’s having a gay romance with a lap dancer called Dannii (thanks to the Sun’s Dear Deirdre agony aunt), the Sun turns its powers to the therapy game.

With your messages of support, the Sun can make Robbie Williams whole again.

“You’re determined to see it though,” says Jackie from Bournemouth. “You’re a star. Shine soon, Love Mariska and Eric, Holland.” And, given Williams’ fragile state of mind, there’s the rather eerie: “You aren’t alone. Deena S Africa.”

And Williams is responding well to the Sun’s treatment. The singer’s older sister Sally tells us: “Robbie is doing OK. He told mum he was concerned how it would be portrayed in the media. He was relieved it was all positive.”
Indeed. And here comes the Mirror to salute Williams for getting a Worst Album award at the NME music awards.

And here’s Robbie’s peer, Oasis’s lead banjo player Noel Gallagher, to tell us: “I could talk to you for three hours about how bad he is.” Only three? We fear that Gallagher is not cut out for the therapy business.

And the Mirror tells us that the crowd at the ceremony booed when Williams’ award was read out.

Whether the booing stemmed from the decision to give a man seeking medical help an award for being useless, Gallagher’s mealy-mouthed speech or William’s Rudebox album is not made clear.

But Williams should rest easy knowing that he is being talked about. Listen very carefully and you can even hear the voices.

The voices. The voices…

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