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Exit: Pursued By Pig – David Beckham & Victoria Beckham Come Back

by | 4th, March 2007

exit-pursued-by-pig-david-beckham-victoria-beckham-come-back.jpgDAVID Beckham hugs the Sun.

On the front page, Becks tells us: “Being left out by England was gut-wrenching. I want to thank Sun readers for backing me.”

Indeed, while readers of other papers were calling for Beckham to be replaced by a player who can actually run with the ball and whose wife doesn’t turn the World Cup into a private audience and sideshow, Sun readers knew that life without Beckham would be cheerless and even more devoid of trophies.

So here’s Becks to say thanks. Here’s Beckham on the Sun’s backpage to say: “If people think my England career is over I want to show them it isn’t.”

It’s an aim shared by members of the England team Beckham left behind. Stripped of their captain, England lack not only a focus hairstyle and a brand totem but also tactics, aggression, ball control and ability.

“I’ll still be available for England when I’m playing in America,” says Beckham. “I will never retire from England.”

“Football is all about opinions,” says Beckham. Only it isn’t, not really. As the LA Galaxy are about to discover, football is about hype and getting the ball into the opponent’s net.

But Beckham is rarely about football – Beckham is about style and taking his brand to new markets.

So he’s off to Los Angeles. And, no, it was not his wife Victoria’s decision. “Going to Los Angeles is absolutely my decision,” says Beckham.

“People have said we’re going because we’re attracted by the Hollywood glitz. But I’m not sure that, as a family, we actually enjoy that side of it.”

You begin to wonder how well Beckham knows his wife. David is the real star, but before his arrival Victoria has turned even buying a house into a media event.

And when it comes to choosing a school for her children… See Vicky tottering up to the science lab at one prestigious LA school, a TV crew and snappers in tow. There’s a pot bellied pig wandering free. “Get it AWAY!” screams Posh, dressed in skin-tight designer clothes and towering heels. Posh runs as quickly as her outfit allows. Posh: Exit, pursued by pig.

Says David: “The perception is that we love the red carpets and parties and being in the limelight – but the reality is we don’t.”

And while Posh woos showbiz pals and negotiates the rights to a fly-on-the-wall TV show about her and her footballer’s move to LA, David talks about being an “ambassador” for the Major Soccer League and “taking football to a different level in the States”.

Indeed, Beckham will take football (or soccer as he has taken to calling it) out of the shadows and into the light.

Post Beckham, America might not understand the game any better, but the locals will appreciate what Dave’s done with his hair and, if they follow Posh’s lead, how to clap at the good bits and pout at the bad…

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