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Jade Goody’s Delhi Belly

by | 2nd, March 2007

jade-goodys-delhi-belly.jpgJADE Goody and Shilpa Shetty are at war.

This is, as the Sun says, “DELHI DING-DONG”.

Jade, in India on a charm offensive – with a heavy emphasis on the offensive – is said to have been invited to visit Shilpa’s home town of Mumbai. And Jade declined the invitation.

But Shilpa says no invitation was offered.

Says Jade: “I’ve been informed Shilpa has invited me but unfortunately I have commitments with charities. If the offer is still open in the future, I’d like to see her.”

Jade is pictured with a red dot on her forehead. This is reported to be a Hindu tikka, a sign of welcome. Although, what with this being Jade, it could be an angry spot, a dab of kebab ketchup or a dot of blood spat up from an undercooked chicken.

So Jade is most welcome. And India is most welcome to Jade.

But Shilpa is certain she never invited Jade to see her. As her spokesman in India tells us: “Shilpa is not interested to be ‘used’ as a PR tool to Jade Goody. It’s obvious she’s here for the media mileage.”

Sure, she means Jade is in India to tend to the sick and walk among the poor.

As Indian MP Amer Singh tells us: “Everyone knows she’s shedding crocodile tears.”

And Amit Shamra, an Indian journalist, offers us: “We see it as one big damage limitation exercise. Many here have been infuriated by it.”

And then there is the food. Jade won’t eat it. As the Star reports, Jade has ordered lemonade and “snubbed spicy cuisine” in favour of plain chicken or tuna.

A source at Jade’s hotel says the Big Brother star did not want to try any local specialities.

Sad it is that Jade has missed out on Indian experience. The country is fascinating, the people no less so. But ask a Western visitor to India about the food and be met by many tales of erupting liquids and no little seeping.

But Jade is lambasted. “NO INDIAN FOOD…I DON’T WANNA GET DELHI BELLY,” says Jade.

Too much spice, oil and butter can upset even the most expansive stomachs. And though Jade is a composite mix of so much kebab, booze and curry sauce, even she is wise to take care.

We wouldn’t want India to bit her in the bum, would we? Well, would we…

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