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Naomi Campbell’s Mop Job

by | 8th, March 2007

naomi-campbells-mop-job.jpgNAOMI Campbell is to be punished.

As the Mirror reports (“NAOMI THE SCRUBBER”), the London-born model is to sweep floors at a New York office. This all part of her community service order.

As is noted, Campbell admitted in a court of law to having thrown a phone at maid Ana Scolavino in a hissy fit. The cleaning is part of her punishment.

And, as we realise, this is in line with the punishment meted out to Boy George, another Britisher who fell foul of the laws in New York.

George was ordered to sweep the streets. And now Campbell has been given a cleaning job.

It’s clear to one and all that New Yorkers like to keep a clean house. Granted, they are not all that keen on cleaning the city themselves, but the city must, nonetheless, be kept clean.
And in typical fashion, it is the lot of the immigrants to perform such menial – yet vital – tasks.

For every one British émigré who makes it to become Queen of Hollywood, like Helen Mirren, there are countless more right now vacuuming red carpets and polishing statuettes and streets.

Naomi Campbell is just the latest in a long line.

But if you want to make it in the land of opportunity, you have to begin somewhere.

So Campbell is cleaning an office block. And she’s working her way from the ground up.naomi-campbells-mop-job.jpg

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