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Meet Fatalie

by | 6th, March 2007

meet-fatalie.jpgTHE campaign to name and shame every fat child in the UK unearths Natalie Cox.

Natalie – known to millions of Mail readers and school wags as Fatalie – is 15 years of age. The Mail says she is also known as ‘Fat Nat’.

And Natalie, perhaps on a promise of being allowed to keep and tuck into the pile of food put out before her, poses beside a mountain of nosh.

Natalie is “The 25st teenager”. And this diet of cake, fizzy drinks, crisps and biscuits adds up to an impressive 7500 calories a day. This is, as the paper notes, more than five times the daily recommended intake.

“I weighed about eight stone when I was eight years old,” says Natalie. “I started putting on an extra stone every year until I was 11 and learnt to cook for myself.”

Mum Cheryl (16st) spends £150 a week on feeding Natalie.

Mum says if she stops buying “junk food” Natalie will just find another way of getting her hands on it.

Indeed, there are many ways for a portly teen to earn money, and the Mail and Sun would surely offer lots of cash for a story and a picture of a fat child…

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