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Where Cameron Fears To Tread

by | 8th, March 2007

where-cameron-fears-to-tread.jpgDAVID Cameron strides about an estate in Manchester. A hoodie approaches from the rear. The hoodie fires an imaginary gun.

And now the Mail reports that the boy, one Ryan Florence, 17, has been sentenced to 18 months youth custody.

But Florence’s offence was not to have stolen Cameron’s thunder and turn his meet-the-deprived and northern into a joke. Florence has been sentenced for his part in three burglaries and the interference of a motor vehicle.

Florence was also handed a three-year antisocial behaviour order. This Asbo means he cannot fraternise with seven members of his Benchill Mad Dogs massive and enter parts of his estate.

And, not without interest, Florence is “barred from entering the grounds of any home or property without the express permission of the owner”.

This is the kind of prohibitive order most of us take as read, but it is one that has to be repeated out to Florence.

The Mail looks on as Florence is sentenced. It notes how he shows “no emotion”.

But might he have smiled a little? Florence is all about emotion. After finger shots were fired, he beamed for the cameras and told us about his life. We met his mum. We saw his dog. We marvelled at his tracksuit.

And once more he features in the papers. And this because District Judge Diana Baker has allowed Florence to be named.

“This is a young man who has himself talked to the press freely. He has placed himself in the position where he has openly boasted of his criminal activity.”

Judge Baker goes on: “I think there is no more powerful deterrent than being named and the public knowing what sentence the defendant has been subjected to and for him to know it is a disgrace.”

Right it is that a judge should believe in the power of the law. But the Mail tells us the third burglary Florence was convicted of was carried out while he was under supervision and a surveillance order.

One wonders who was doing the supervising? And what kind of surveillance Florence was placed under.

And if the Mail or Cameron is going to be there to watch him when he gets out of choky…

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