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Victoria Beckham’s Public Diary

by | 8th, March 2007

victoria-beckhams-public-diary.jpgVICTORIA Beckham does not need a diary. Not when she has the Sun.

La Beckham, who is on dining terms with Sun editor Rebekah Wade, does not move without the Sun reporting on how far she has moved, where she has moved to and if the move necessitated a change of clothes.

And today we see that Vicky has been crying, or sobbing “uncontrollably”, as her diary puts it.

And what has Vicky been boo-hooing about? Can you guess?

Has Vicky been crying because:
A) She needs to shed some water and get back in shape?
B) She is taking acting lessons and has just sniffed on an “Emotion Onion”?
C) She misses her Day-vid?
D) She is bi-polar?

The answer is, of course, ‘C’. Vicky is so in love with David that when he is not there she cries.

“I can cope with everything else, but being away from David so much makes me break down,” says Vicky in her diary. “I just sit and cry and cry.”

There is no picture of Vicky crying, Sun readers forced to make do with a customary shot of La Beckham looking miserable.

“I can’t wait to wake up with him,” she goes on. “I miss him so much.”

We could say that all Vicky need do to see her man is fly to Madrid where thousands of people have spotted him wearing a white top and shorts and kicking a ball.

But, of course, life is not that easy. Vicky has a mansion to buy in Los Angeles. She is wise to attend to such things lest the house of her dreams falls into someone else’s hands.

Like David, allegedly…

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