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Is Liz Hurley’s Baby Challenge

by | 8th, March 2007

is-liz-hurleys-baby-challenge.jpgTHE race is on – can Liz Hurley have her baby before her wedding ceremony ends?

Special it would be to see Hurley give birth before the wedding party arrives at the cake sometime in early October.

The Mail has a picture of Hurley wearing a dress. Nothing new is this, say you, Hurley is a dress wearer of no small repute. But attention is directed to the Hurley stomach.

Note the bulge. Hurley, who once boasted at getting by on six raisins a day, appears to be expanding.

Is this water retention? Should Hurley not have soaked the raisins and eaten them instead in their most shrivelled state?

Or is Hurley with child.

In Jodhpur for another stage in her wedding to Leeds native Arun Nayar, Hurley wraps her body in a floral print dress.

The Mail says the “slight tum” on view might be the result of so much wedding breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. But Hurley’s food intake is famously modest. So what is producing the bump? A money belt? A pair of Comfi-Knickers? A child?

Says Liz: “We would love to add to our family and (my son) Damien would love some siblings.”

And here comes Arun, who does indeed speak. Says he: “Of course we would love to have a baby. Elizabeth wants twin boys.” The Yorkshireman may well add an “eee be gum” for dramatic effect.

And we live in an age where babies can be delivered to order. If Hurley wants twin boys then twin boys she can have.

And if she wants a couple of identical raisins, she can have those too…

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