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One Minute Wonder – Prince William & Kate Middleton

by | 8th, March 2007

one-minute-wonder-prince-william-kate-middleton.jpg“BESOTTED Kate Middleton beamed with delight yesterday as boyfriend Prince William lovingly held her in his arms.”

The Sun has pictures of 25-year-old Kate and 24-year-old William touching each other in Switzerland.

Readers learn that the two young lovers held each other for a full minute. The Sun counts. “One knickers shot, two knickers shot, three knickers shot” and so on… Sixty knickers come and sixty knickers pass by.

At the time of this embrace they were on skis, and it is not known if Kate and Wills were keeping each other from falling down or else sliding away into a pack of Swiss schoolchildren.

“Then the future King gave his sweetheart a gentle kiss in a rare public show of affection.”

How long the kiss lasts, the Sun does not say. We do not learn where the kiss was planted. We know not if it was reciprocated.

Happily the Mail was concentrating and not counting and sees the kiss planted on Kate’s cheek. The right one.

After the kiss, the cuddle and the skiing, the couple retire to a café in Zermatt.

The Sun hears from a fellow diner. “They were so happy together. It’s obvious they have that special chemistry,” says this eater.

“There were at least 70 other people having lunch but William seemed happy to show her affection in front of everyone. Throughout lunch Kate gazed at William and had a permanent smile fixed across her face.”

The Mail has a picture of William smiling among a group of pals. And on first glance it is hard to tell which is William. In this multi-racial Britain, it is interesting to note that William’s friends are almost exactly like him, including the girls.

A poll of Royal experts at Anorak Towers identifies no fewer than four Prince Williams at the table.

And we are left to wonder if it was William in a clinch with Kate at all. As the Mail’s front-page headline asks: “Who’s giving Kate a hug?”

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