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Pamela Anderson’s Jung Man

by | 7th, March 2007

pamela-andersons-jung-man.jpgTHE swimwear has run from red to white but Pamela Anderson remains recognisable.

But time moves on and Pamela is no longer a model/actress – she’s a model/actress/singer. And, as OK! notes Pammy’s new song “expresses her sadness” at the tragic death of Anna Nicole Smith.

There is no mention of a song title, it, doubtless, being too painful to mention in any detail. And we move on from Anna Nicole to talk about Pamela’s recent divorce.

Last year Anderson married Kid Rock in what was pre-Liz Hurley the longest running wedding in showbiz. On and on the wedding went. And when it stopped so did the romance.

“St Tropez on a yacht is a very romantic setting,” says Anderson. “It’s every girl’s fantasy.”

What young girl does not dream about pulling on a diamante bikini and marrying a man in a baseball cap and interesting denim on a hired boat?

And boats have featured large in Pamela’s romantic history. Who can forget that romantic trip Pamela and her first husband, Tommy Lee, took many moons ago? Touched by the loveliness of it all many even bought the video.

“Tommy and I have always been in love, though it has travelled different levels,” says Anderson. “It’s a different kind of love.”

There’s was a love that entered the collective unconsciousness.

Pamela has been seeing a Jungian analyst for 15 years. “Relationships are mirrors,” says she. “I’m a work in progress.”

If Anderson’s relationships are a mirror to her greater self, is she looking for her opposite? Is her dream man tall and dark with a sparrow chest? Is Pee Wee Herman available?

And what of her being a work in progress. Is Pamela about to alter those trademark looks?

“Well, people have said I will be taken more seriously with smaller breasts… I do sometimes try to imagine what I’d be like smaller.”

As she concludes: “We all have problems. All we have to do is make better choices.”

And bigger breasts…pamela-andersons-jung-man.jpg

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