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Olivier Martinez On Wolves & Kylie Minogue

by | 5th, March 2007

the-ice-pack-olivier-martinez-on-wolves-kylie-minogue.jpgOLIVIER Martinez, the man who would have been Mr Kylie Minogue, is in conversation with OK!.

Before Martinez can speak, the French actor’s dad Robert tells us: “Kylie wants Olivier back, but he feels he’s moved on. It’s been very sad.”

But can Martinez move on from Kylie? And will OK! Let him. “I never go into that area,” says Olivier of Kylie. “I don’t want to talk about her.”

Martinez then comes over a little Eric Cantona and compares himself to an iceberg. Says he: “The part above the water is my acting life and the part under the water is my private life. So I’m sorry, but I can only share the part that’s above water.”

While Martinez presents an icy, inanimate front, and a danger to shipping, OK! looks through its notes. He won’t talk about Kylie. So what will he talk about? OK! has an idea: “Does your haircut signify a fresh start?”

Olivier’s head is well above the waterline. This is safe and, for an iceberg, oddly fertile ground. “Maybe one day I’ll have it long again,” he says. “I cut it short because it was too much work brushing my hair!”

Buoyed by this success, OK! moves on to discuss Olivier’s hairy face, back and shoulders. Just why did he take on the part of a werewolf in Blood And Chocolate?

“Honestly,” says Olivier, “the wolves. “I had a thing for wolves even before doing the movie.”

Oh? “I worked at a lot on the wolves’ behaviour. I have a friend who’s a specialist in werewolves and they helped.”

And: “I have a natural feeling for wolves. Well, we are part animal.” The hair, right? “We’re bred on earth, but we put ourselves above animals because we’re human beings and we have a great capacity for adaptation…so I don’t think I’m more important than a wolf.” Nor an iceberg.

“You can kill me, but you cannot make me submit,” says Olivier for reasons not instantly clear.

So the wolves..? “They smell your fear and then you become potential prey. I’m, scared to death of crocodiles, for example, but not of wolves.”

Interesting? “Maybe in another life I was bitten by one! The wolves were okay, though!”

And as cuddly as Kylie, right. With more hair…

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