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The Wag Trade – Is Cassie Sumner For Real

by | 7th, March 2007

the-wag-trade-is-cassie-sumner-for-real.jpgWAGS Boutique – the TV show no-one’s talking about – has introduced the world to Cassie Sumner.

But for a while it seemed that glamour model Cassie had not been introduced to a footballer.

Stories abounded that Cassie had never stepped out with Michael Essien, the Chelsea’s midfielder. The footballer stated that he and Cassie had never been a couple.

But now Cassie tells OK! that she did date the footballer. Says Cassie: “I think he didn’t want me to do the show so I think he thought that if he dumped men the show would drop me.”

But reality was not to overly impact on the reality TV show. Cassie was kept on.

Once a Wag always a Wag is Cassie’s motto.

And now the Wag is here to tell us why she and her footballer split. It turns out that Essien had been engaged to a girl back home in Ghana for five years.

Cassie tells us that when her footballer paid for her to take a trip to Spain last year he had “actually flown over his fiancee to stay with him”.

Is this other woman bitter that Cassie and not she is on the TV show? Should Cassie be transferred?

Cassie does not say. But she does wear a dress by Ben de Lisi and shoes by Dune.

Cassie says she and her footballer’s relationship “mean nothing now”. But would she have been in OK! without it?

Or is being Wag more a state of mind than a thing of reality?

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