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Danielle Lloyds’s Nightmare

by | 5th, March 2007

danielle-lloydss-nightmare.jpgBIG Brother’s Danielle’s Lloyd – but no longer Teddy Sheringham’s Danielle Lloyd – is ready to tell us more.

In customary position on the Star’s front page, and in traditional dress of bra, knickers and suspenders, readers are met by the headline: “DANI: MY SEX PEST HELL.”

News is that Big Brother bully Danielle is living in fear of a stalker. “This is a nightmare,” says Danielle.

Racing inside the paper, Danielle is pulling a whip across her bare backside. No doubt this is a thinly veiled warning to her predator. But Danielle would be wise to avoid taking matters into her own hands – she is not some Tony Martin in thigh-high boots and basque.

Danielle says this strange man has gotten close to her. He has entered the grounds to her home. He has scaled the iron gates. But he fled before the police arrived. He sits on a wall opposite her home. He wears a black hood and black jeans. He is “staring”.

Police have advised Danielle to keep her front door locked and to install an alarm linked to the police station.

Danielle’s mum Jackie tells us: “She’s already been through so much. Now she’s got the deal with this.”

Of course, Danielle, a Scouser by trade, could always leave her London abode and go home. So why doesn’t she just go home, back to where she came from? It’s a question Danielle once asked of Shilpa Shetty.

But why should Danielle be cowed? “She’s trying to get on with her life but it is terrifying for anyone to know they are being watched 24/7 by some stranger with a fixation.”

We wonder what Danielle has taken from her Big Brother days. She has been in this situation before.

But however trained she is, the chilling news is that Danielle’s stalker has not been seen for some days.

Where has he gone? Has he tired of Danielle? Does Danielle now hold so little allure?

It might be time for Danielle to wander to her bedroom window in her knickers – and make ready to press that panic button…

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