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Uno More Time – Princess Diana’s Back

by | 5th, March 2007

uno-more-time-princess-dianas-back.jpgPRINCESS DIANA looks out the window of the fabled sixth floor of Harvey Nichols, tilts her head and smiles.

Down at ground level the people are reading about her. And they are reading of her murder.

“SHOW US DIANA’S MURDER LETTERS,” orders the Express. It has been to the pre-inquest hearing into Diana’s death. It has journeyed to the Royal Courts of Justice and witnessed all.

Michael Mansfield, Mohammed al Fayed’s lawyer, wants answers. As the Express reports, these letters have “sensationally” gone missing.

And we hear Edmund Lawson, QC for the police reply: “Regarding the allegations covering letters from the Duke of Edinburgh despite the best efforts of the police to find any evidence or copies of them, none has been found.”

Mansfield wants Philip and Prince Charles to take the stand.

But since this is about as likely as Al Fayed letting the matter of his son Dodi’s death rest, we move on to other question. The Express lists them thus:

• “Whether Diana was in fear of her life when she died.”
• “Whether she was pregnant.”
• “The reason for embalming her body.”
• “The significance of the ring Dodi bought her the day before the crash”.

The Mail positions one of these posers on its front page: “Diana inquest WILL ask if she was pregnant?”

Since this question has been asked many times before and has always received the answer “NO”, we should focus on those other questions.

And the Mirror has one more: “Who drove the Fiat Uno?”

Was in Prince Philip behind the wheel, dressed as Colonel Mustard and holding a length of iron pipe in the library?

There are many questions. But Al Fayed knows the answers to all of them. He clams Dodi and Diana were murdered on the orders of Prince Philip and MI5. He says Diana was pregnant. He says the couple were engaged to be married.

And Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, the coroner, tells Fayed that “there’s not a shred of evidence in front of her to support these allegations”.

And Diana climbs into her old battered white car and drives away…

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