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Heather Mills’ One-Step

by | 9th, March 2007

heather-mills-reaches-for-the-sky.jpgHEATHER Mills McCartney unscrews her leg and executes a daring pirouette.

Heather is to star in American TV’s Dancing With Stars.

But her agonists are complaining of favourable treatment.

As the Enquirer reports, some of the other dancers think Heather will get the sympathy vote on account of her leg.

Indeed, it is hard if not impossible to compete against a dancer who has only three limbs to control. If Douglas Bader were around today, he would surely give Heather a run for her money. But he is not.

And Jerry Springer, a former star of the show, tells us: “She may be the sentimental favourite.”

So will Heather get a leg up because of her missing limb? “Will viewers and judges look on her differently?” wonders one insider.

Time will tell.

And we will look on with a sense of awe as Mills, throws her leg over her shoulder – literally…

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