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by | 10th, March 2007

areyoubeingserved_1.jpgMATTHEW Parris argues that high camp of the John Inman type was a necessary stage in the liberation of gays from bigotry.

Also in The Times, if you’re not feeling fit now it’s because of all that fitness training you did back in the 80s. Yes, we always knew it, aerobics is bad for you.

Vocational training programs are to be scrapped before they’ve even been implemented. The reason being that no one in Government listened to the main recommendation of those, err, making the recommendations. Having listened over the whether, wouldn’t it be a good idea to also listen to the how?

The Food Commission is shocked, shocked, that children’s medicines contain things to make them taste less awful. Also in The Guardian, Phillip Agee argues that it is the shameful manner of the US attempts to isolate Cuba that account for the way in which Cuba enjoys ever increasing international solidarity.

Jeff Randall with a long piece on the upcoming trail of Conrad Black. He doesn’t seem to think he’s going to vanquish his accusers. Time for a (last) trip on a yacht to The Canaries perhaps?

The Telegraph also (in common with all of the papers) reports on the way in which the European Union has decided to ban incandescent light bulbs. No one has yet noted that the flourescents contain mercury which the, umm, European Union also wants to get rid of. At minimum, an entirely separate recycling channel will need to be constructed. How much extra energy will that use?

According to The Independent it is now libelous to suggest that an actress might visit a diet doctor. Will Self thinks that the distaste for South Londoners is only mildly less awful than genocide. Rather than the obvious point that it’s an incitement to it, if not a justification.

Deborah Orr seems to think the RSA’s report on the drug laws is like spring cleaning. Perhaps on the basis that there’s lots of dust that gets up your nose? Finally, Yasmin Alibhai Brown is outraged.

There’s no outrage any more and I am absolutely outraged about that.Can you actually be what you’ve just claimed does not exist?

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