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Jo O’Meara Writes Jade Goody’s Wrongs

by | 12th, March 2007

jo-omeara.jpg“BIG BROTHER JO BLOWS LID ON JADE,” says the headline. “Race row star to drop mate in it.” And: “The truth too shocking for TV.”

You want the truth? You can’t stand the truth.

But here is Jo O’Meara, onetime singer with S Club 7, preparing to dip her pen in green ink and tell the world about what really went on in the Big Brother house.

As a friend says: “Jo wants to move on with her life and she feels the only way she can put this nightmare behind her is by telling all.”

Many might have supposed O’Meara to have told all there was to tell in print and televised interview. But there is more.

And as soon as she can secure a book deal – a figure of £250,000 is mooted – we can read all about it.

That’s right. Jo has yet to find a publisher. She has a literary agent and very possibly she has a crayon and a sheet of paper. But she has no publishing deal.

But surely the publisher will come. As the paper says, Jo will reveal how Jade was “tipped off” about the ensuing row in the show’s Dairy Room.

She will tell us that the show was edited. Unlike Jo’s book, which promises to be stream of consciousness, a rambling narrative of words and references, unedited, unabridged and unfair.

It was all so unfair. O’Meara is no racist, as she states, just a bully.

So here’s hopping O’Meara gets to write her book.

And that it proves to be every bit as big a hit as Pete Bennett’s music career, Michael Barrymore’s TV comeback and all those others who have appeared on Big Brother and gone on to win fame and fortune…

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