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Heather Mills Changes Her Spots

by | 12th, March 2007

can-heather-mills-change-her-spots.jpgCAN Heather Mills escape her past?

Many have studied Heather’s work in Die Freuden der Liebe (The Lover’s Guide), the hardworking blonde’s tribute to baby oil and Anglo-German relations.

And now the Mirror would like its readers to take a look at Heather as you have never seen her before. This is “LADY MUCCA IN A MINK.”

And there is Heather wearing her mother’s mink coat. As we know, Heather is an anti-fur campaigner. And when we see the picture the temptation is to applaud her brave stance.

In wearing the pelts of 40 dead animals, Heather is surely getting in touch with her inner mink.

The expectation is to see further pictures of Mills walking in a mink farm. To shouts of “That’s a big ‘un!” the mink farmers chase the biggest catch go their professional lives.

At the moment of capture, Mills removes her coat, and very possibly all her clothes. She reveals herself to be a woman, an animal no different to a mink.

The farmers resist the urge to skin Mills alive. They see the light. Many mink are saved.

But it is not so. This is a picture taken from a video of Heather attending a wedding in 1989.

Alongside her then husband Alfie Karmal, Heather beams with happiness as she strides forward.

“She really loved that cost,” says Heather’s former sister-in-law Dianna Karmal. “When I see her anti-fur campaigns now, I always chuckle.”

She goes on: “The pictures are from long ago but no-one’s aware of her previous love of fur. The charities she campaigns for will feel let done.”

Will they? Or will they champion this revelation as evidence that the fur-clad damned can be saved?

That a woman in a leopard-skin coat can change her spots? That Heather can change..?

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