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Abigail Clancy Rides David Beckham’s Buzz

by | 13th, March 2007

abigailclancy.jpgABIGAIL Clancy was the Wag who got England’s World Cup bid buzzing again when she became embroiled in a cocaine story.

Miss Clancy made us look at England’s striker Peter Crouch in an entirely new way.

Blessed with a “beanpole” physique and the kind of legs most often seen hanging from a flamingo’s nest, Peter had still managed to pull the leggy blonde.

And now things are looking up and up for Abigail. As the Star reports, the mo-del has landed a role on American telly.

Clancy is to star in a nine-part series called Diamonds In The Turf. It’s the tale of life in the Premier League. And Clancy plays the lead blonde.

As an insider tells us: “The show will aim to tell the story and will draw inspiration from the UK’s Footballers’ Wives, although it will be shot in mock documentary style.”

Footballers’ Wives was, as many rightly guessed, a fly-on-the-wall documentary made to look like a work of fiction.

It is not without interest that the Americans seek to add a new twist.

The action is centred on the LA Diamonds football/soccer team. Keen-eyed news watchers will spot how the show coincides with the arrival of David Beckham in California.

Soon it will be hard to spot where reality ends and fiction starts.

What odds that Clancy will meet Becks in the sunshine? And add a new twist to an old plot..?

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