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Liz Hurley’s Henna Night

by | 14th, March 2007

liz-hurleys-fist.jpgIF the wedding is anything to by Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar’s marriage will prove to be enduring.

Indeed, it can’t be too long until Hurley and her Leeds-born lover have a first wedding anniversary to celebrate.

But before those festivities can begin in earnest, Hello! wants to show us how the wedding is progressing.

The wedding party has reached India. And over a 53-page album of “non-stop festivities”, “Bollywood dancing” and “spectacular fireworks”, we will catch up with the party to date.

This is Hurley’s “Monson Wedding”. A wedding guest calls it a “magical fantasy”. But we would not be so cruel. Liz’s love for Arun is so very real. And one day in the future when the party is over, they will be left alone with their love and their magazines.

We join Liz as she arrives in India.

“I was absolutely shattered after the English wedding as I danced till dawn but I was so excited waking up the next day as I knew I’d be spending the next week with all my favourite people.”

Liz is then pictured seated among a group of her people. All are young women. All are dressed in traditional Indian attire. And all are non-Indian, apart from the two women paining henna on Liz’s hands.

On one hand Liz sports an elephant and on the other, a maharajah prince “who bore a striking resemblance to Arun”.

Liz could do little more to show her affection for her husband than if she wrote his name across her knuckles. And no sooner said than done as “under her Chopard engagement ring, she had the word ‘Arun’ delicately applied”.

Arun forgoes the picture of an anchor or Liz as a mermaid coiled around his navel, preferring instead a “romantic Valentine heart inscribed on his hand”.

And another day draws to a close…

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