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Liz Hurley Leeds On

by | 14th, March 2007

hurley_nayar.jpgAfter Liz Hurley’s Movable Feast

DAY three and Liz Hurley and Arun are mixing with so many fire-eaters, dancers and musicians.

As a wedding, this has much in common with the kind of ceremony that marks the start of global sporting events. And had Liz only thought of it she’d arrive hanging from a balloon while ten thousand local schoolchildren spell out her name in flash cards.

The ceremony is all. “During an Indian wedding, all events are leading up to the ceremony,” she tells us. Arun tells us how happy his family is that Liz “is taking the ceremony so seriously”.

Liz is drinking lime juice and water with her friends. Arun is getting ready for his barat ceremony, what Hello! tells us is the equivalent of a Western stag party.

But Arun is not off to a former Communist Bloc city to feel up discount prostitutes, go near-blind on the local brew and fall into a fountain. He is sat on a horse and clapping his hands. The band plays on. And on. Leonard Lauder puts his fingers in his ears.

Then at 7pm the hotel’s generator blows. The hotel is plunged into darkness. Liz continues to get ready, dressing by the reflected light of her jewels.

Ready at last, Liz makes her way to the wedding room. She stands on a dais, decorated with flowers, sweets, honey and bananas.

Resisting the urge to tuck in, Liz waits. Arun arrives.

There is much blessing and petals are tossed. The couple walks seven times around a fire. Arun’s outfit nearly catches light. Hello! notes guests wiping away tears.

There are fireworks. And then it is over.

And we move onto the next leg. Leeds here we come…

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