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Sienna Miller Sprays Away

by | 14th, March 2007

sienna-miller-sprays.jpgSIENNA Miller, professional girlfriend and fulltime blonde, is in conversation with the Sun.

Says Sienna: “They put make-up all over your body so looks like you have a nice bum and you don’t see the stretch marks that us girls all have.”

She goes on: “It may look like I’m comfortable but I’m not. They take hours lighting the scene so that you don’t see every lump and bump and they spray your bum so it looks nice – but it doesn’t really look like that in real life.”

There is much to say about Sienna’s bum (NSFW). And so much of it has been said before.

But Sienna is more than a sprayed backside. Sienna is an actress with a sprayed backside. And she is in town to promote her new movie Factory Girl.

So the Sun looks through its notes and asks her if she really did have sex with her co-star Hayden Christiansen.

So much of being an actress is about sticking to the script, repeating the same thing over and over. And Sienna displays no end of talent as she repeats the answer to the question she has been asked so many times before. Sienna gives the same answer she gave OK! last month.

The Sun needs something new. So it asks Sienna if she diets and what she likes to eat. “I’m quite an energetic person,” says Sienna. She’s got a fascinating metabolism, which you can read about in that benchmark OK! interview.

But the Sun does encourage one new anecdote from Sienna. Says she: “I remember a shot in W magazine and I’m arching back a little bit and then you see the picture and it’s this perfect arse – and it’s not like that.”

Indeed, not. It has been sprayed. But with what, the Sun does not care to ask…

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