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ID Cards – Tony Blair’s Big Debate

by | 14th, March 2007

id-cards.jpgTONY Blair’s ID cards. Discuss.

And while you’re at it, discuss show big they will be.

The size of a credit card? Bigger?

What about as big as a postcard? A picture on the back could represent a scene of your home town, a little individuality in the uniforming process.

Or what about something big? Something big enough to incorporate your big nose, big ears and big hair? The bigger the face, the bigger the card, it’s only fair.

Just get a load of Miss Anna Clifford.

Pictured in the Mail, Miss Clifford has been arrested for drink driving.

Miss Clifford, 25, was stopped for erratic driving after a night out with friends in Memphis, Tennessee. She attracted still more interest by driving with the sunroof open to accommodate her hair.

As reported, a breathalyzer test showed her blood alcohol content to be .10, above the state maximum of .08.

Miss Clifford and her big hair were taken to the cells. And to have her mugshot taken.

Says police spokesman Sergeant Vince Higgins: “We have to take the mugshot picture as the person looks at the time of the arrest, so we need to make sure we got all her hair in.”

It is only right and proper that it should. And while we wonder what size the photo ID card should be, we also wonder about the nature of the image it contains.

Should the portrait be a frontal shot? From the side? Or from the back, most useful when it comes to picking out a suspect seen walking or running away?

And should the expression be one of pure hate as the arrest is made? A look of complete innocence? Or the picture of stoned-out stupidity?

We should aim to make the official’s job as simple as possible.

All ideas are good ideas, as the Government tells us. Tell us what you think…

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