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Heather Mills Like A Pig In Muck

by | 15th, March 2007

heather-mills-pig.jpgHEATHER Mills is on a pig farm.

Is this the chance pigkind has been waiting for? With celebrity pig tosser Rebecca Loos having wrung out and hung up her rubber gloves, is Heather now to court and pleasure livestock?

The Mail has a photograph of Heather approaching a pig from the rear. Heather’s pink face is turned to the camera. The pigs face is facedown in muck.

More pictures: “She pulls on her disinfected boots”; she is pictured among the pigs; “she is talking to camera inside a darkened shed.”

This is “Heather, animal activist”. It is the dead of night and Heather Mills is leading a crack team from the vegetarian activist group Viva! in a raid on Briarwood Farm, Somerset.

Mills sees farrowing crates, used by sows when they are giving birth and to suckle their young. They are “cages” Heather says”. They are “prisons”.

Today Ms Mills will launch a campaign to outlaw these crates. “This is not just torture – this is M&S torture”, she will say, highlighting Marks & Spencer’s acceptance of meat reared in this fashion.

And Heather can expect success. As an M& S spokesman tells us: “We are disappointed Viva! is taking this action as we met and told them before Christmas that we were phasing out the use of farrowing crates.”

Interesting that heather should make her raid on the farm just two weeks ago – an illegal raid. Says farm owner Michael Underhill: “This is trespass, I intend to take legal action over this.”

But Heather must draw attention to her latest cause. And if she is looking for a new angle we suggest that she considers pushing herself into one of these farrowing crates. She may even care to give birth in one.

This will highlight the inhumanity of it…

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