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Liz Hurley’s Carbon Dating

by | 15th, March 2007

liz_hurley_wedding-dress.jpgIS Liz Hurley carbon neutral?

With so many sharp intakes of breath at her wedding to Arun Nayar, the planet may well be in Liz’s debt. We may even have to kill some trees to restore harmony.

Not so, say “environment consultants” Best Foot Forward. They say Hurley has been wearing Jimmy Choo clown boots, forming a carbon footprint bigger than the average couple produce in a decade.

In a decade, when Liz’s wedding to Arun is nearing its end, we will address this claim.

But for now the Mirror hears from a spokesman for the company. “This level of emission is utter wasteful extravagance,” says he. “We have to challenge the idea that this is something wonderful – and realise it is putting the planet in danger.”

Will Liz Hurley do for us all?

The Mirror investigates. It sees guests and Liz unleash 30 tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere. Growing the £30,000 worth of white roses that festooned the first wedding chapel used 18 tonnes of carbon.

The Learjet that whisked Liz to Mumbai emitted 82 tonnes of the gas. Accommodation in India added 18.5 tonnes and food and drink about the same.

Another 20 tonnes of carbon was produced by the trip to Jodhpur.

The Mirror says it would “take an Indian couple 123 years to cause similar environmental damage.” Which Indian couple, the Mirror does not say, understandably fearing accusations on racism and another Jade Goody-style incident.

A spokesman for Friends of the Earth tells the paper: “Perhaps stars like Liz should think about setting a more positive example.”

It is a hope shared by millions. But we fear it is too late and right now hundreds if not thousands of British couples are booking and embarking on a wedding odyssey.

We fear the planet may not survive the speeches…

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