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Kevin Federline’s Life Swap With Britney

by | 15th, March 2007

kevin-ferdeline.jpgKEVIN Federline, estranged husband to the still more estranged Britney Spears, is holding up a small T-shirt baring the legend “Pooparazzi”.

Why K-Ferret should be doing this we are not told.

We only see that he is. Like how Kev’s angled baseball cap remains attached to his head, his vest and how he ever came to record a rap album, there is no little mystique surrounding Federline.

And having tried pop music, the Enquirer tells us that Kevin is turning his hand to TV. “Kevin is ready for his second ’15 minutes of fame’,” says an insider. “This time he wants to focus on his personal life as he assumes responsibility for his two sons.”

Of course, Kevin has already starred in a reality TV show. Not too long ago, he featured on Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, the show that documented the tale of his love for her.

But with Britney otherwise disposed, Kevin is branching out on his own. This is his chance to grab the limelight.

Says the source: “What they want is to follow Kevin as he’s suddenly thrust into the role of full-time father with his wife recovering in rehab and trying to make a comeback of her own.”

It promises to be quite some show, a modern take on Wife Swap, where the single parents swap places.

And we will watch as unaided and alone, Kevin tries to raise two young boys. And we will wonder who long it will be before he is swapping places with Britney in rehab…

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