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Off Message – Justin Timberlake On Britney Spears

by | 16th, March 2007

britneyjustin-spears.jpgBRITNEY SPEARS is in rehab and Justin Timberlake has delivered a touching message.

The Enquirer looks on as a woman approaches Timberlake, who is leaving his agent’s offices.

Woman: Why won’t you help her out? I’ve read she’s still in love with you. Can’t you just try?”

Timberlake: Why does everyone keep telling me I have to take care of Britney?.. Britney, Britney, Britney! …She’s an EX girlfriend. Doesn’t she get it? We’re so not together anymore. I am sooooo totally over her!

Timberlake goes to heart to the matter. And the woman who probed him should go straight to the Sun’s offices and score a job as a showbiz reporter.

You see, while Timberlake is heard to rant off the record, on the record the Sun hears him deliver an altogether different message.

In “Justin: I’ll help Brit”, the Sun hears Justin give his former flame his “unconditional love and support.”

Britney is said to have cried when she head that. But, then, given Britney’s reported mental state, she might cry at all manner of things.

Indeed, she might well have sobbed when she read of a different Timberlake in the Enquirer…

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