Anorak News | Is Barack Obama Or Chris Rock Mentally Negligible?

Is Barack Obama Or Chris Rock Mentally Negligible?

by | 16th, March 2007


AMERICAN comic Chris Rock enters the debate on black/white/Irish etc. Barack Obama for President.

Inan interview with Life Magazine, Rock says:

LIFE: In the first movie you directed, Head of State, you were president of the United States. Is this country ready for an African American president?

ROCK: It’s ready for a retarded president, why wouldn’t it be ready for an African-American president?

LIFE: So, of the current presidential contenders, who do you like best?
ROCK: I like Al Gore, actually. (A) He’s more qualified than everyone that’s running on the Democratic side. (B) If he won or didn’t win, he has an agenda to help people and make this a better world. . . . Maybe Barack will win, but I probably won’t see a black president. There’s real equality when you don’t notice [race], you don’t even talk about it. I probably won’t live to see that.

Any more talk of retards and we’ll take odds on how long Rock’s career will survive in the US…

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