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by | 16th, March 2007


THE Prime Minister, a Scot, his successor also a Scot sitting for a Scottish constituency, says in The Telegraph that we would all lose from Scottish independence. Two is an interesting definition of “all”.

Also, the Olympics are now budgeted at three times the number first thought of. Given past performance only one more doubling to go before the 2013 Games. Further, in a shock surprise, political parties would like to have more of your money under the Incumbent’s Protection Bill. The Environment Editor also argues against having green taxation. Did he not get the memo?

The Times reports that only those with the right proletarian roots will be allowed into universities. Margaret Beckett writes about Zimbabwe and Mugabe. Somehow the SAS seems like a better solution than a comment piece from the Foreign Secretary. Gerard Baker thinks that London is absolutely wonderful except for just one thing: the BBC.

The Guardian also celebrates the accounting of the Olympic Games due in 2014. Interesting that Ken is footing the bill personally: £300m extra from London mayor. Simon Jenkins with a stonking piece about how The Guardian itself found itself being paid as a propaganda outlet for Pathfinder, a government scheme to make things worse at great expense. No change there then some might think but this is egregious even by their standards. The Estonian Ambassador has to remind people that the Soviets raped his country just as badly (if not worse) than the Nazis did. Looks like Seumas Milne really is leaving then.

Morgan Tsvangiri in The Independent with the truth about that prayer meeting and his beating at the hands of Mugabe’s thugs. The Natascha Kampusch kidnap case seems to be taking a strange turn. Allegations that it was orchestrated by her mother to cover up sexual child abuse. As with all the papers today, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed‘s confessions to plots and murders, including that of Daniel Pearl. We also get the serious news that slut chic never goes out of style. Thanks for that Catherine.

Finally, The Croydonian appears to have found the most insane government proposal ever: banning the smoking of cigarettes in the Dutch cannabis cafes.

Tim Worstall

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