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by | 17th, March 2007

IN The Telegraph arty types and luvvies bemoan to diversion of lottery money to the sporty types. Also, it’s the benefits system that destroys family life (including the remarkable claim that more people are paid single parent benefits than there are single parents). Michael O’Leary, boss of RyanAir, claims his airline is saving the planet. Simon Heffer is also less than enthused by the green religion (one of the great surprises of our time of course).

In The Times, eaten a pre-made sandwich recently? You may want to get yourself checked out for listeria. As many as a quarter million sandwiches, often supplied to hospitals, could have been infected. The judge who sentenced Saddam to hang has claimed asylum in the UK. Singapore is apparently stealing the country next door, boatload by boatload.

The Guardian reports on the £25 gadget it claims could save the planet. A report from inside Zimbabwe: perhaps lefty redistribution doesn’t work? Duncan Campbell goes off on a rant about wrongly jailed prisoners having to pay board and lodging. He’s gently corrected in the comments (10 down). An interview with Sir Nicholas Stern on how to save the planet. No planes and no gadgets.

In The Independent Jeremy Warner notes that the public finances are screwed. The numbers would be fine if we were in a recession, but we’re not, we’re at the top of a boom. Proof that modern art really is rubbish, even if expensive (…Kapoor’s transitional phase when he was “moving away from an exploration of the male/female dichotomy towards an exploration of the void”.). The defense in the 21/7 bombing trial is that the bombs weren’t supposed to go off. Who knows, as they didn’t, might work? Jemima Lewis has problems with personal responsibility…although, yes, the NHS reforms aren’t all that logical.

An Englishman’s Castle explains the Sally Clark (who died yesterday) trial with admirable simplicity. Too simple for Sir Roy Meadows of course, who got the subject completely wrong and thus caused her jailing.

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