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Terry Wogan’s Double Eurovision

by | 19th, March 2007

euro.jpgYOU join us as the results for the right to represent Britain in the Eurovision song contest are being announced by Terry Wogan.

It is surely every musician’s greatest honour to represent their country. And the hope is that whoever gets the nod will keep a cool head under pressure and bring home the spoils from Finland.

The lights are dimmed. The low-energy spotlight is switched on.

Terry Wogan. (Thierry Woggan) steps forward. Terry is 68. The contest is down to the final two acts. This is the “sing off”.

And the winner is (And ze vinner ist)…. Cyndi Almouzni.

The light is flashed on and off repeatedly. Miss Almouzni smiles. She can’t believe it. She has won. A French woman will represent the UK. To Finland and beyond!

And the winner is…

There is a new winner. And the new winner is…Scooch. Again the lightbulb is flashed off and then on again in celebratory style. Scooch – two boys, two girls – punch the air. Cyndi resists the urge and punches nothing as he is ushered from the stage.

“This is live TV and unfortunately sometimes these things do happen,” says the man from the BBC, which televised the show. Indeed. Anything can happen on live telly – an elephant can do a poo, a child can say something stupid, a singer’s hopes and dreams can be destroyed.

And the BBC can be embroiled in another phoneline scandal – the winner was selected by viewers calling in. (Incidentally, Scooch frontman Russ Spencer is still listed as a presenter for The Great British Quiz, the TV show where callers dial a premium rate phoneline to answer cryptic puzzles.)

So Scooch are Flying The Flag, appropriate since that is the name of their entry into the Eurovison proper.

Billed as “this generation’s Bucks Fizz”, Scooch will bring home the spoils and restore a nation’s pride after Jemini (nil points) and white rapper Daz Smapson (equally pointless)…

Picture: The Spine

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