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Kate Moss & Pete Doherty Scratching The Surface

by | 19th, March 2007

pete_doherty-spot.jpgKATE Moss and Pete Doherty are in the pub. This is part of Moss’s “pork scratchings and Guinness diet”.

The Mail looks on, taking notes, as Moss and pop’s f*ckwit take a private helicopter to Cornwall.

Once there they should have set about planting so many life-giving trees and shrubs (marijuana bushes, cocoa borders, poppies etc) to make their trip carbon neutral.

But instead they visited the Falcon Inn at St Mawgan and chowed down of hardened pork rind.

A source tells the Mail: “Kate ordered not just one packet but two packets of pork scratchings and half a pint of Guinness while Pete opted for a packet of crisps and a pint of lager.”

As ever, the substance of the thing is in the detail. And we lament the Mail’s lack of observation that leaves its readers ignorant to the brand of Pete’s tipple and the flavour of his crisps.

At least the Star knows what’s what. And it sees Kate wearing sunglasses and
Pete sporting a huge spot.

Now back in their Cotswolds’ home, the Star sees Pete, Kate and Kate’s daughter Lila Grace heading off for a pub lunch. “They seemed a really happy family,” says an onlooker. “The only thing spoiling it all was that huge zit.”

Or is it just a stray pork scratching..?

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