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by | 19th, March 2007

posh1.jpgMore Hidden Bank Charges

FOLLOWING the recent controversy over the hugely-inflated overdraft fees charged by banks, it now appears that withdrawing cash with your credit card could also be costing you more than you think, says the BBC. According to a report by Uswitch, due to a complicated way of calculating the interest rate, the interest on cash withdrawals may be far higher than that advertised. With withdrawal fees and compound interest not taken into account in those advertised interest rates, consumers are regularly being stung at the cash-point. However, the Telegraph reports that the banks aren’t having it all their own way. A con-man “armed with only chocolates and charm”, smooth-talked his way into an ABN Amro bank vault in Belgium before making off with an estimated £15 million of diamonds. The thief, who posed as “Carlos Hector Flomenbaum”, an “Argentinian businessman”, used no violence in his outrageous heist, even buying chocolates for the bank staff…

Online Insecurity

WHILE “Carlos Hector Flomenbaum’s” antics may bring a sly grin to our faces, the fact that, according to the Independent, “confidential data on tens of thousands of people is being sold to criminal gangs for as little as £1” is sure to wipe those grins right off. Internet security company Symantec reports that there has been an “alarming” increase in online criminal activity with a fifth of Londoners estimated to have had their bank details stolen and used illegally. While residents in the capital will also be unhappy with the claim in the report that 36% of the world’s computers that have been taken over by remote control “bots” are in London.

Too Posh For Becks

WHILE the Telegraph says the country is headed for a worsening shortage of new homes over the next 20 years – apparently due to” higher-than-expected number of EU immigrants and more people living alone” – a couple of expats to the US are having dreadful problems of their own. According to The Sun, Posh and Becks have apparently been “put-off” by the £20 million price of a dream Beverly Hills pad, resplendent with “and outdoor pool, tennis courts, movie room and a two-storey guest house”. However, according to “sources”, England’s finest couple are “careful with investments”. Could the same be said of LA Galaxy?

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