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Princess Diana Goes On With Condon & Mishcon

by | 20th, March 2007

danbury-diana1.jpgPRINCESS Diana smiles warmly on the Express’s cover page.

Today Diana is wearing a pair of clip-on black earrings, coral pink lipstick and a white jacket.

But her look masks much concern. “DIANA: VITAL EVIDENCE WAS KEPT SECRET,” announces the Express.

Readers may wonder how something secret is now known to have been a secret? And right it is that questions are asked.

As the paper notes, “under Article 434-4 of France’s Code of Criminal Law it is an offence to conceal a document”.

Mindful of that, it is put to Express readers, that Lord Condon, Metropolitan police commissioner at the time of Diana’s death, “refused” to tell French legal authorities that Diana feared people were out to “put her aside”.

As the Express says, Diana had told Lord Mishcon, her legal representative, of her fears in 1995. After her death, Mishcon told Condon. Condon says he “co-operated fully with the French”.

But Mohamed al Fayed this was not on and Condon should, thereupon, have come on and told French investigators what Mishcon had said lest the case go on and on and on…

“Princess Diana, who was my drear friend, confided in me her fears that she would be involved in a car crash or something similar on the orders of the Royal household,” says Al Fayed. “It has now emerged that her fears were expressed to at least a dozen other people.”

Diana had many dear friends.

For his part, Condon, says he and his officers “co-operated fully with the French at all stages and, on leaving, I handed over all the documents”.

Such things will doubtless be talked over when Baroness Elizabeth Butler-Sloss opens the pre-inquest hearing in the High Court tomorrow.

Later, in October, a jury of ordinary men and women will listen intently as details of the matter are presented to them.

They will deliberate and cogitate. They will then decide whether there is more to things than meets the eye and that Diana, Dodi Fayed and driver Henri Paul were unlawfully killed.

Or that they died because of speeding, drink driving and the fact she forgot to put on her seatbelt…

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