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by | 20th, March 2007

bellyads.jpgThe Money 

WITH the budget looming it’s all about where the money goes today. Dominic Lawson on the fiasco that is the Olympics. The entire idea, let alone the budget, is based upon a fallacy. George Monbiot is also against the plans: he because the locals in East London don’t get a say. Well, that’s what happens in centrally planned states. The Public Accounts Committee says that no one in the NHS can actually do any accounting so we don’t know where the money has gone. Roger Bootle says that Gordon Brown is responsible for wasting our money but that he won’t be held to account. Libby Purves insists that we can beat El Gordo by eating old cheese.

Tax & Spend

Polly Toynbee insists that things are different, we shouldn’t let any nasty tax-cutters get their way (…”a Labour government proving what the Nordics always knew – that high public spending is part of the secret of economic success.”). In response one of Gordon Brown’s former civil servants calls him a “Stalinist”.

Working Class Sluts

In other news, a four times married former journalist calls journalists “sluts”. Phillip Hensher is calling for the BBC to stop doing that with his money. Quite, sell it. Whittam Smith warns us that Britain is not a liberal country, rather, it’s a working class one. Alex Salmond neatly solves the problems over Scottish independence by calling for English independence.

Mosquitoe Buzz

As The Guardian (and other papers) report, GM manipulation of mosquitoes might solve the malaria problem. How long before the first article denouncing the engineering of Frankenflies?

Pillars Of The Community

That movie, 300, nothing to do with Ancient Greece or Modern Iran, it’s all about Beverley Hills architecture.

Fat Government

And finally, entirely unexpected results of scientific research. Kids today are fat porkers because they don’t do any exercise, nothing to do with what they eat. Government, of course, recently banned advertising certain foods to children and continues to sell off playing fields. With the budget tomorrow, remember, that’s how we’re ruled!

Picture: Beau Bo D’Or

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