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George Bush’s War Books & Bong Hits For Jesus

by | 20th, March 2007

banks_amend560.jpgPRESIDENT Bush was on telly yesterday.

The New York Times TV Review notes that his address to the nation was filmed in front of a row of books meant to show the wisdom of the commander-in-chief. But the American public is unlikely to be fooled by a bookshelf.

After all, as the review points out, even if they don’t watch the news, Americans are bombarded with disparaging views of the war across a range of television shows, even sitcoms. According to the American television has become more openly sceptical of the US Government’s handling of the war after initial fears of appearing unpatriotic in the wake of September 11.

On an episode of the comedy series Arrested Development, two brothers travel to Baghdad to secure the release of their other brother who is being held in jail. “It’s U.S.-run,” one says. “God knows what they are doing to him.”


As far as the content of the speech itself went. Bush gave up almost entirely on his gospel of spreading democracy throughout the world. Instead, he was forced to warn of the consequences of withdrawing early, which could turn Iraq into a staging ground for terrorists. Gosh! Bush’s fear of early withdrawal was not plucked from thin air. On Thursday Congress will vote on a $100 million war package which includes a provision for Bush to pull the troops out of Iraq next year. But his warnings are unlikely to find much sympathy from a Democratic-controlled Congress that seems to grow bolder daily.

Cheerleading and Protesting

If Bush wanted to find any solace this morning he could have turned to the Opinion page of the New York Post where retired U.S. Army officer Gordon Cucullu penned a lengthy upbeat piece entitled The Iraq Surge: Why It’s Working. Of course, Bush would have had to have ignored the small but numerous protests and vigils that took place around the country, including New York where the New York Sun reports dozens of people were arrested on Wall Street for blocking access to the New York Stock Exchange.

Cops in Court

Three cops appeared in court yesterday at the beginning of a trial into the shooting of three unarmed black men outside a Queens nightclub in November. The only man who died that night, Sean Bell, was due to be married the next day. Though the case has already sparked allegations of racism, two of the cops charged in the shooting were also black. The New York Post reports that the Rev. Al Shaprton is calling for all five cops who were at the scene that night to be charged. Two of the cops already in court each face up to 25 years in prison.

Clean Sweep for Naomi

Naomi Campbell spent yesterday sweeping a Sanitation Department garage in Lower Manhattan as punishment for throwing a telephone at her maid. Not much to report but New York newspapers managed to fill quite a bit of space with an examination of her footwear and arguments over the colour of her face mask

And finally…

The Supreme Court weighs in on the rights of a student to display a banner reading “Bong Hits 4 Jesus”. The principal of a school in Alaska ripped the 14-foot banner down after the student displayed it as he gathered with fellow students to watch the 2002 Olympic Torch Relay. A San Francisco Court of Appeal has already ruled in the student’s favour. But the New York Times reports that Kenneth W. Starr, defending the principal and the local board of education, seemed to gain the upper hand in arguments before the Supreme Court over how far students can push their rights to freedom of speech. The paper notes that his biggest ally on the court was Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., who once worked as Starr’s deputy in the solicitor general’s office.

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