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Win Kevin Federline

by | 20th, March 2007

rat-fans.jpg“EVERY time you search the web you stand a chance of winning a prize from Kevin Federline. Its that simple really.”

So says Kevin Federline, the estranged Mr Britney Spears. Simple is as simple does. No apostrophes. No quibbles. No noticeable musical talent.

This is K-Ferret’s own search engine. No longer do you need to trawl through so much political debate and hard news as you hunt the world wide web for pictures of men in white vests. Search with Kevin takes the hard work out of web surfing.

The premise is simple: you search the web “with Kevin” and at certain times of the day, the rapping rodent will stop the clock. If your search is the one after the break, K-Ferret will give you a prize.

And – shock of shock – the price is not a Kevin Federline album taken from the pile, but things of wonder.

One lucky surfer took home a signed photo of Kevin. Another got a Kevin Federline T-shirt. And everyone who didn’t get either prize A or prize B got Price C: free entry into the “B-Day Party Sweepstakes”.

What’s this, say you. Listen up m*vvaf*cka, says Kevin. As the wording goes: “Win a chance to attend Kevin’s private birthday celebrations in Los Angeles (March 21) or Las Vegas (March 24). Search and win sweepstakes entries every single day, the more entries you earn, the better chance you have of winning. 5 pairs of winners will be selected by random on March 19th. Travel and hotel accommodations is not included.”

Who would not thrill at the chance of hanging out with K-Ferret and his posse of vest wearers? Learn from a professional how to suck on a cocktail stick. Dice with danger as you tilt your baseball cap to a precarious angle achieved only by Kevin and Buzz Aldrin.

So here goes. I searched “Kevin Federline”. And I got the results:
Kevin And Britney Not Reconciling
Vests R Us – for All your Vestal Needs
Beard Wigs For Today’s Modern White Rappers
Buy “My Other Cars A Rari”

See you in LA. I’ll be in a new vest…white one…

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