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Paris Hilton & Robbie Williams Duet?

by | 21st, March 2007

hilton_paris_cries.jpg“PARIS WOOS ROBBIE,” announces the Star.

Many are on first name terms with these celebrities but others are not, so we give full dues to Robbie Williams and Paris Hilton.

Paris is said to have sent Williams a solid gold fountain pen worth £2,500 and a note. This missive runs: “I know you like angels and if you want one to come into your life just write me into it with a song, a beautiful shining song.”

The R.U.D.E.B.O.X. up yer jacksy, split yer kecks sing a song of semtex, pocket full of durex body full of mandrex.
– Williams

When it comes to songs of beauty, Pairs knows where to go. But, as the Star says, Robbie paid little attention to the note. And then he bumped into Paris on a night out.

As a source explains: “Robbie thought the note was a bit cheesy and is obviously aware of Hilton’s airhead reputation and boyfriend swapping ways.”

I did it like this – you did it like that – I love it when you double clap clap
– Williams

And then there is Paris’s music. Unmentioned by the Star, we recall La Hilton’s foray into pop.

Those other guys all wanna take me for a ride
But when I walk their talk is suicide
Some people never get beyond their stupid pride
But you can see the real me inside
And I’m satisfied, oh no, ohh
– Hilton

Mindful of that we realise that Williams and Hilton may go on to form a daring new duo, operating at the bleeding edge of popular music. Both are stars but, as Lyn Collins observed, it takes two to make to make it outta sight.

Understandably, Williams is warming to the idea. The source tells us that Williams met Paris and had to reassess his image of her. “Rob found Paris witty, self-deprecating and very pretty in the flesh,” says the insider. “He felt a weight lifted when she was with him.”

For sure. – people in America were finally taking notice of him. Now just wait until they hear that song…

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