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Thien Is Now – Angelina Jolie Presents…

by | 21st, March 2007


So says Hello!’s front-page headline.

Jolie makes a Caesarean look dated. With a C-Section you can plan your bundle of joy’s debut to the minute. That much is true. But with adoption the starlet comes wiped down, dressed and ready to show his best side to the camera.

So here’s Angelina’s new boy Pax. No weight gain. No stretch marks. No goo. Just a neat and tidy little boy ready to go.

The newest part of Angelina’s “rainbow family” hails from Vietnam. His name translates as “Peaceful Sky”. And when he first saw Jolie and Maddox he cried.

But now Pax has regained his composure and is ready to pose for the snappers while cradled in the arms of his new mum.

Here he is again sitting with sister Zahara by a private swimming pool in Ho Chi Minh City. Shiloh (Amen) is nowhere to be seen, remaining in Los Angeles with husband and new dad Brad Pitt.

And then it’s off to bed for three-year-old Pax. Until America, home is the local Hyatt Hotel. And bed is shared with Maddox.

Hello! has a photo of this sleep-filled moment. And for people who enjoy looking at other people’s children in bed, it surely brings no small joy.

And while the Jolie-Pitts sleep, they dream. And the dream is of America…

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