Anorak News | Naomi Campbell’s Bag Man, George Bush’s Show Trial & Bad News

Naomi Campbell’s Bag Man, George Bush’s Show Trial & Bad News

by | 21st, March 2007

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Democrats are demanding that President Bush hand over officials for an investigation into the firing of eight US attorneys. The Democrats want to interview senior administration officials under oath and on the record after claims the attorneys were fired for political reasons. The White House has already released thousands of files, documents and emails regarding the decision. Bush calls the latest demands a “show trial” and refuses to play ball. Instead he’s offered a few officials, including Karl Rove, on condition they can testify off the record and not under oath. The Daily News thinks Congress should back down and be content with everything Bush has offered so far. But one of the fired attorneys, David C. Iglesias, writes in the New York Times that he was fired for political reasons and he wants an apology.

Campbell’s Bag Man

Naomi Campbell is making the most of her temporary position sweeping the floor of Lower Manhattan’s Sanitation Department offices. The Daily News reports that fashion photographer Steven Klein has been snapping the model on her way into work for a spread in the July edition of fashion magazine W. Meanwhile, the Post focuses on a sanitation official who refused to carry the diva’s bag into work. Instead a sanitation cop took the leather bag, walking a few paces behind the celebrity office cleaner who was dressed in a chinchilla fur coat, diamond ear rings and high heel boots.

Good Way To Bury Bad News 

In other news, the New York Times says the Palestinians received more international aid in 2006 than the previous year, despite funding to the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority being cut. The paper also reports that a prominent hawk in the Bush Administration, Robert Joseph, has quietly stepped down because of his disapproval of recent policy to reach out to North Korea. Meanwhile, a Washington trick of burying bad news by dumping heaps of information on newsrooms late at night is being undermined by bloggers who band together and sift through the information in pieces, according to the New York Sun.

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