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Big Brother Danielle Lloyd Winds Up Bent, Sheringham & Gascoigne

by | 22nd, March 2007

danielle-lloyd.jpgYOU join us in London’s Funky Buddha night club where Big Brother bully Danielle Lloyd is executing a wind and grind.

Readers may expect an English girl like Danielle to favour the placing of a handbag (white) on the floor and dancing around it in the manner of a fitting Native American Indian circling the settlers’ wagon train.

But times change. Britain is a multi-cultural society. And no one is more sensitive to the needs to blend and tolerate than Danielle.

So here she is winding and grinding up against Charlton Athletic striker Marcus Bent.

Marcus, who once dated thrusting soap babe-cum-Wag Gemma Atkinson, is black.

Sports fans will also note that at the time of his wind and grinding, Bent’s Charlton are mired in the Premier League’s relegation zone. So too are Teddy Sheringham’s West Ham.biancapic.jpg

Might it be that Danielle is keeping track of the football scores and results and adapting her love life accordingly? Like the players, she has no desire to be a second rate Wag.

So she’s grinding Marcus. And she’s not grinding Teddy, who is also at the club. And here comes Teddy now. Teddy is heard telling Danielle to behave.

A friend of the West Ham striker says: “Danielle was snogging the face off Marcus and it looked like he couldn’t believe his luck. She was dancing like a stripper and grinding herself all over him.

“When she saw Teddy she carried on kissing Marcus and they exchanged phone numbers.

“There’s no doubt she did this to wind up Teddy. It worked and he told her so. He has no interest in dating her again.”

And the feeling is mutual. Because over in the Star, Danielle is plucking up courage to congratulate Teddy on his winning the HMV Lifetime Achievement Award.

Says the eyewitness: “He looked straight though her. And he could barely bring himself to talk to her.”

No mention is made of Marcus Bent. The wind and grind remains a thing of tropical mystery for Star readers.

And Danielle is forced to seek her cuddles and love in the arms of Bianca Gascoigne, daughter to Paul Gascoigne and a graduate of the reality TV Love Island academy.

Says a source: “Bianca and Dani danced the night away as though they hadn’t a care in the world. Blokes were practically foaming at the mouth.”

Well, that’s what you get for kissing Danielle…

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