Anorak News | Heather Mills Shakes A Leg On Dancing With The Stars

Heather Mills Shakes A Leg On Dancing With The Stars

by | 23rd, March 2007

mills-leg.jpgHEATHER Mills continues to qualify for a disabled parking permit over her and partake in pro-celebrity dancing over there.

Mills is a woman who is all things to all men.

And the Star looks on as she tells American chat show host Jay Leno of her plans.

As is known, Heather is currently starring in Dancing With The Stars, America’s answer to Strictly Come Dancing.

It’s just about the biggest pro-celebrity dance shows on the box right now, and Heather plans to give it her full attention.

As she tells Leno: “I’ve bet a few hundred dollars it’s not going to come off – so I’ll win some money.”

Heather is not referring to her dress, nor her bra and knickers. Some shock to fans of Heather’s past work, notably Die Freuden Der Liebe, a study in Anglo-German relations and baby oil. But, as we say, Heather is all things to all men. She’s talking of her prosthetic leg.

Heather goes on: “Most of the nation was watching to see if my leg would fly off. That’s why I’ve got this strap on it.”

At which point, we were back in the old days as Heather lifted up her leg to give publishers and adolescent boys a hint of what might have occurred in mills-leg.jpg Zwei.

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