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Girl Power – Victoria Beckham & David Beckham At It Like Rabbits

by | 23rd, March 2007

posh2.jpgVICTORIA wants a baby with her Day-vid.

And, as the Star reports, Sticky Vicky doesn’t just want any baby but a girl baby.

Of course, this quest has been well documented in the pages of the national press. Was it not Vicky who gave her youngest Cruz a girl’s name?

No mistakes next time, though. As the paper reports, Vicky has placed David on a diet of “rabbit food rich in alkaline”.

According to Rabbit Home, the one-top shop for all your rabbit needs, hay should make up a large part of your rabbit’s diet. “The most important thing that rabbits need is fibre, fibre, fibre,” says the rabbit section on Green Fields Rescue.

And then there is the thorny subject of how rabbits eat their own faeces.

But love will out. And while David chow down on lasts night’s reconstituted and passed hay supreme, the Star hears a source reveal more.

Says the insider: “Victoria says she is going to get a fertility sign in an intimate place, for David’s eyes only.”

So long as we don’t have to see it, there is no problem.

But we are curious as to the make-up of this ink. What will it be? The source says something “saucy”. Like a bottle of HP or a jug of gravy?

Not so, says Darryl Gates, a London-based tattooist. He believes it possible that Posh has found a Buddhist symbol or a Japanese character.

So it’s the Pikachu character from the Pokemon cartoons or a chubby bloke with big ear lobes.

Well, whatever turns you on…

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