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The Glass Riddle – Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston’s Puzzler

by | 23rd, March 2007

angelinajoliepittaniston2.jpgBRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie occupy familiar position on the Enquirer’s front page.

“BRAD CHEATING RIDDLE!” screams the headline. And – shock of shocks – there is no mention of Jennifer Aniston.

But then, she’s there. A turn of the page and Aniston appears. Is she the reason why Brad is in a riddle? And what is this riddle?

“My first, tho’ water, cures no thirst,
My next alone has soul,
And when he lives upon my first,
He then is called my whole.” *

The riddle is that although Jolie and Pitt have many shades of children together, a source tells us that she is still “trying to learn to trust him”.

And in case Jolie is in need of help, and is too shy or busy to ask, Dr Lillian Glass is here to help. And on trust: “I think it’s like acid eating into their relationship and it could doom their future together.”

What goes on two legs in the morning, on four legs at noon, and on six legs in the evening? **

Dr Glass talks in a language only witnessed in the Enquirer. There is talk of “trust demons”. Dr Glass has written a book called “Toxic People”. She talks of Jolie’s “trust issues”.

Dr Glass’s views are important, what with them forming the entire body of the Enquirer’s article. And it is important readers get in touch with their inner therapist, to achieve a holistic approach to the article.

We must deconstruct Jen and Brad’s riddle. Whatever does it all mean..?

* Sea-man
** Angelina Jolie in an orphanage

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