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Rudy Giuliani’s Third Lady, John Edwards, Jews, Arabs & Swallowing The 300

by | 23rd, March 2007

3001.jpgRudy Giuliani’s Third Lady, John Edwards, Jews, Arabs & Swallowing The 300.

Future First Ladies & Third Husbands

JOHN Edwards’ wife has incurable cancer, Hillary Clinton’s husband raised over $70,000 during a one hour visit to an Upper West Side gym but the two New York tabloids the New York Daily News and New York Post are consumed by the shocking discovery that Rudy Giuliani’s wife has been married three times!

Until now everyone thought that Rudy was husband number two. But in actual fact he is husband number three. How this will affect the nation if Rudy becomes president neither the News nor the Post made clear but it is undoubtedly worth splashing across the front page.

Meanwhile, Edwards vowed to continue his presidential campaign after his wife’s announcement that she had incurable cancer. Elizabeth Edwards was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of her husband’s failed 2004 campaign.

She successfully fought off that illness but doctors say the latest cancer spread to her rib and cannot be cured. It is however treatable and the couple remained upbeat yesterday.

Israeli Soldiers & Palestinians Look In The Mirror

The New York Times reports on a group of former Israeli combat soldiers and current reservists called Breaking the Silence that meets to discuss their behaviour at the country’s security checkpoints.

According to the Times report though most behave “within decent moral limits,” they are taught to be aggressive, with some humiliating or beating Palestinians to keep crowds in line.

At the recent talk and discussion session, one man stood and said Mr. Manekin [the director of Breaking the Silence] and his friends were hurting Israel, especially its image abroad, in order to salve their own consciences. Many in the audience nodded in agreement.

Tall and dignified, about 45, the man said that he, too, had served in the West Bank, “and I’m proud of what I did there to defend Israelis.”

“It is crucial to intimidate people at checkpoints to keep them cowed,” he said, his voice shaking a little, “because we are so few there, and they are so many.”

Then he said: “These people are not like us! They come up to our faces and they lie to us!”
That was enough for Uriel Simon, 77 years old, a professor emeritus of biblical studies at Bar-Ilan University and a noted religious dove.

“As for liars,” Mr. Simon said, then paused. “My father was a liar. My grandfather was a liar. How else did we cross lines to get to this country? We stayed alive by lying. We lied to the Russians, we lied to the Germans, we lied to the British! We lie for survival! Jacob the Liar was my father!” he said.

“As for the Palestinians,” he said: “Of course they lie! Everyone lies at a checkpoint! We lied at checkpoints, too.

“Everyone is afraid of mirrors,” Mr. Simon said, readjusting the knitted skullcap on his nimbus of white hair. “We hate the mirror. We don’t want to look at ourselves. We don’t like photographs of us — we say, ‘Oh, that’s not a very good likeness.’ We want to be much nicer than we are. But here there are also prophets who are mirrors, who are not afraid of kings and generals. The prophet says, ‘You are ugly,’ and we don’t want to hear it, but we have to look at the mirror honestly, without fear.”

Iran Ban 300

IRAN is seeking to ban the movie adaptation of the Frank Miller comic “300” saying it is part of an extensive cultural aggression against Iranian culture, the New York Sun reports.

The film is about the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which an outnumbered 300 Spartans fought to the death against a massive Persian army.

The Iranian news agency reported that the movie “fabricated history. … No Greek king dared to stand up to the Persian Empire” and an Iranian TV channel warned that The Zionist Warner company is also pursuing … a propaganda front against [the] ancient and historical roots of Iranians. … This film tries to … increase the international political pressure on Iran.”

In the paranoia stakes this ranks nicely alongside the Iranian theory, recently reported on Anorak, that Tom and Jerry is part of a global Zionist conspiracy.

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