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Should George Bush Go Now?

by | 24th, March 2007

bush-rice.jpgPLACE an X in the box if you think George Bush and his wife Laura should separate?

The votes are in and the result is… inconclusive.

Things may have to go to court. As the Enquirer says: “BUSH MARRIAGE BREAKUP – Laura demands trial separation from president!”

If only it were so easy. President Bush watchers realise the leader of the free world stays until the job is done, until the mission is accomplished.

Trouble is, Bush may think he has already down enough to secure a peaceful and lasting future with Laura. But while he hangs out the bunting, the Enquirer says Laura remains an insurgent in the marital homestead.

Laura, as is reported, has demanded a four-week trial separation from her husband of 29 years.

“Laura’s had it!” says a source. “It looks as if their marriage has reached the bitter end and they are headed for divorce.”

There is talk of distrust in Washington. To paraphrase Bush’s words, we are surprised, frankly, at the amount of distrust that exists. And we’re sorry it’s the case, and we will work hard to try to elevate it.

But we should not misunderestimate George’s problem. As the Enquirer notes, Laura is “suspicious about George’s relationship” with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

Laura fears that George, “a recovering alcoholic”, will fall off the wagon.

And then there is George’s reported lack of concern for his wife when she underwent treatment for skin cancer last November.

There was a row. The source tells us George stormed out of the White House. He boarded a helicopter. He headed to Camp David. He resisted the urge to let off steam by declaring war on France. He slept on it. The next day he returned to the White House.

What happens next is up to you, dear reader. Should George Bush go? Should Laura go? Should they both go? Or should they refuse to leave until the job is done, staying the course until the bitter end?

Vote now…

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