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Natalie Pinkham Gives Prince Harry A Dressing Down

by | 26th, March 2007

prince-harry.jpgNATALIE Pinkham, says of her friend Prince Harry Baseball Cap: “We have always been and will remain just great mates.”

Pinkham is fresh from a night out with Harry at London’s Boujis nightclub

Pinkham is pictured on the Sun’s front page. She is wearing a cropped white vest and using one hand to tug at the hem. Higher it rides up until at the point of flashing what would be the paper’s first sighing of a tweed bra, Pinkham stops.

And she gets changed. Inside the paper, Pinkham, described as “stunning”, “sexy” and a “TV presenter”, is now wearing a pair of over–the-knee black socks, black knickers and a black off-the-shoulder T-shirt.

It’s the kind of picture a young soldier may care to stick to his tank, a reminder of home and what he is fighting for and a distraction to the enemy.

And Harry is training hard for his tour in Iraq. On Sunday, the People (“BOOZE-UP HARRY IN CLASH WITH A SNAPPER”) saw Harry emerge from his dance with Pinkham and “appeared” to “lunge” at a photographer. The Sunday Express went further and said Harry had “lunged” at the paparazzo.

Harry’s spokesman suggested his employer had stumbled on a kerb and merely extended an arm for balance.

The Mirror hears the young prince issue the rallying cry “f*ck off”. And the Star identifies the snapper as Nirach Tanner, who tells us: “He screamed at me to ‘f*ck off,’ then grabbed me.”

And now we hear from Natalie. Looking at the world over her naked shoulder, she has something to say about Harry.

“There is only one girl in Harry’s life and that is Chelsy,” says Pinkham, who at 28 is too old to be called a girl.

Readers will, of course, recognise Pinkham from the Sun’s front-page picture of 2006. “DIRTY HARRY,” screamed the headline as the young prince, leering like a demented goblin, was shown cupping the Pinkham bosom.

Now Natalie says she never danced alone with the Prince. Indeed, she says he has never been alone with him. And as or his being too pissed to walk or lunge properly, Natalie tells us: “As far as I could see Harry wasn’t even drunk. He just stumbled over as he left.”

Although, Natalie was not that close to him. And others were present…

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